Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Gifts Gifts Gifts

Tis the season to be hunting :)

There' s a 12 days of Christmas hunt going on, starting in just a  little while, at Jersey Shore. You will be looking for small silver stars and each one is priced at 12L. Pink Label has two items in the hunt and each one is a complete outfit! These also mix and match very nicely.


Jersey Shore

There are also 2 pairs of boots up for grabs at Bizarre Behavior, Lemania Indigo's Sim. Find 9 purple masks and buy them for 1l, and end up with 2 pair of great holiday boots!

Bizarre Behaviour

Last but not least, Pink Label ViP's advent starts tomorrow and there are exclusive gifts for group members only, items include clothing, decor, jewelry and of course SHOES. Join the group for 50L at the main store, grab the gifts on the vip clubhouse wall and wait for more gifts to arrive starting tomorrow.

Pink Label

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Happy Holiday Candy Cane Separates from Pink Label!

Pink Label now has 3 colors of cute and fun candy cane separates for the Holiday Season!

Choose from red, green or white off shoulder tees with prim arm and bottom attachments. Or matching jeans in printed white candy cane, green checked (with candy cane pockets) or red checked with candy cane pockets). Then finish off your outfit with Trish Leather pumps in pine, red or white, each with a metal change candy cane charm on the back ankle buckle.

These items are also priced right for holiday savings, 49L for the heels, 25L for the tops and 35L for the jeans, BUT one of each item is priced at only 10L each. All you have to do is find which ones!

Please note, all Pink Label pumps are Hud Enabled and suitable only for those viewers which support alpha layers - no invisiprims are provided.

 While you are at the shop, don't forget to join the vip group. Group fees are reduced in the last few days before advent starts at Pink Label, join the group for 50L rather than 100L and grab the gifts beside the group clubhouse.

 Pink Label is also hosting some lucky presents so check those out under the tree. It's all at Pink label!

Main Shop -

Ad Credits: All Pics

Clothing and Shoes - Pink Label
Skin - Maria - Cream by Filthy
Hair - Suzan in Sangria by Catwa
Makeup Layers - Camelot Mizu, Lydia Liner (kohl), Bardenas Realas Eyeshadow by Mock Cosmetics
Poses - Glitterati for Clothing, Luth for Shoes

Christmas Candy Canes

These mix and match jeans and tops (and the lovely co-ordinating shoes) are about to be released - watch for the full notice to come!!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

ThanksGiving and more...

This beautiful Ginger dress is perfect for Thanksgiving and other fall outings made in ginger toned denim and accented with color matched plaid. Two skirts are included. This dress is sold specially for the holiday at just 10L. Clothing layers are copy only, Prim skirts are mod/copy. 

Matching pumps (pictured below) are sold for 49L each. Hud controlled, copy only.

Please note: Pink Label pumps are suitable only for viewers which support alpha layers - such as Viewer 2/3,  Emerald, Phoenix, Firestorm etc. No invisiprims are included, only alpha layers

We are also offering a cute Thanksgiving Dinner outfit which consists of plaid patterned jeans with cuffs and an off shoulder tee shirt with a cornucopia image across the front. This outfit is also sold for only 10l for the holiday. Clothing layers are copy only. Prim cuffs are mod/copy.

Matching pumps are sold for 49l each, Hud controlled, copy only

Please note: Pink Label pumps are suitable only for viewers which support alpha layers - such as Viewer 2/3, Emerald, Phoenix, Firestorm etc. No invisiprims are included, only alpha layers

Ad Credits
Hair - Tiny Bird no longer available
Skin - Belleza
Shape - Belleza modified
Makeup Layers  Mock Cosmetics and Boom @ Kozmetica
Clothing and Shoes - Pink Label
Poses by Long Awkward Pose

Both outfits available at the main shop -

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Grape and Camo Dress Set - GFW @ Jersey Shore

This lovely dress set includes everything shown, a cardigan on jacket layer, dress on pant and shirt layers, 2 skirts, simple jewelry set and matching patent pumps. All clothing layers are copy only, prims excluding the pumps are mod/copy. Pumps are hud controlled and resize is done via the hud and are copy only. The pumps also have metal trim on the ankle buckles, texture change from the hud.

The whole set is only 79l at Jersey Shore for GFW.

Please note: Pink Label pumps are suitable only for viewers which support alpha layers - such as Viewer 2/3, Emerald, Phoenix, Firestorm etc. No invisiprims are included, only alpha layers.

Ad Credits
Hair - Truth
Skin - Belleza
Makeup Layers - Boom @ Kozmetica
Shape - Belleza Modified
Poses - Tea Soup (no longer available)
Clothing - everything is included in the set.

Poster Credits:
Hair - Tukinowaguma
Skin - Belleza
Shape - Sophistishapes
Tattoo - Leti's
Poses - OIP
Clothing - everything is included in the set.  Yes - EVERYTHING :)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Pink Label Group Gift - Quincy Blouse & Shiloh Sandals

Here's a great new gift for Pink Label group members - if you didn't snag it in the group send, come on down to the VIP clubhouse and grab it at the store - I've put the Quincy Blouse and Shiloh Sandals with a much loved pair of Black Leather Low-Rise pants, and then took off to the countryside :)

The flexi on this blouse makes it just lovely, swaying and swirling with your moves to give a beautifully realistic finish.  The texture is so smooth, too - do yourself a favour and come grab it now:
Pink Label VIP Club House

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Quincy Blouses, Shiloh Sandals and Denim Basics!

Pink Label has some new items for you all this lovely Saturday!

We begin with the gorgeous fluttery, country inspired plaid Quincy blouses in four different color ways.

Each color comes on the shirt layer with right and left sleeves and two choices of midriff ruffle with lace or without.
These colors are rich and sweet to wear at the same time.

Perfect for any time of year.

Best of all, score each top for just 49L each but that's not all!

Grab these cute color matched sandals as well.

Each pair features a stacked shiny wood heel, a color matched suede sole and adorable heart detail on the front ankle.

Ankle buckles are texture change via the hud. Only one script per shoe and one script per hud makes for low lag and tp friendly skin tones, nail polishes etc.

Resize is also controlled via the hud as is heel click sound etc.

Direct rgb input is possible with the hud, simply click the microphone on your hud, and type in your red green blue values within the time announced in local chat. Nothing could be easier.

Sandals are only 99L each and are suitable for viewers that support alpha layers, SL viewer 2/3, Emerald, Phoenix, etc. No invisiprims are used.

Finally, as a special offer, I've provided two different denim options for wearing with these blouses and sandals. Choose from torn denim jeans or torn mini skirt.

Jeans come with mod/copy prim cuffs and are sold for only 10L

Mini skirt comes with mod/copy skirt prims and is also sold for just 10l

In addition a last color combo of this blouse/sandal is available only to group members of Pink Label VIP.

This color is only available to Group Members. Pink Label has recently moved and now provides a small "club house" for Group Members to open boxes, adjust prims and there is also a wall filled with gifts to grab. Join the group for 100L and touch the gift vendors to receive boxed gifts. :)

Ride to Pink Label's new main shop -

Ad credits:
Skin: Curio - Gogo in Sundust, These Boots makeup
Hair: Catwa - Jawa in Pumpkin
Shape - Belleza - Chloe Modified
Makeup Layers - Assorted - Mock Cosmetics
Lashes - Lelutka - Curl
Eyes - Fashism - Azure
Manicure - Adam n Eve Rouge
Poses - Fri.Day and Magnifique

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Pink Label for GFW @ Jersey Shore New Outfit 99L

This is a cute little grungy outfit in green, including a knit zipper jacket with cuffs, double layer tank, hot little shorts that turn into a mini, a flexi skirt, fishnet leggings plus brand new high heel ankle boots called Sinead. You can only get the outfit @ Jersey Shore.

Boots are touch resize and only suitable for viewers which support alpha layers - no invisiprims.

Get the whole outfit exclusively at Jersey Shore for 99L

Pink Label's main store is also moving location, we are not open yet in the new location but here is the landmark for when we are!

Some older items on Marketplace are going to be discontinued shortly. You can get the scoop on these direct at the Pink Label blog,

Image Credits:
Skin = Curio Gogo - Acorn Light These Boots
Hair - Exile - Gina Roots Marone
Makeup Layers - Darkest Night shadow plus Lusty Mizu Lip Gloss from Mock Cosmetics
Shape - Belleza Chloe - modified
Clothing and Shoes - Outfit inclusive
Manicure - Adam n Eve
Lashes - Lelutka - Curl
Eyes - Fashism - Azure
Poses - Glitterati

Discontinuing some items on Marketplace

I will be discontinuing some of the oldest items from Marketplace since they are now over a year old and I have better items now available.

These items include the Patent Bow boots

Here they are shown in black. These boots feature a texture change latex bow on the back with a matching latex ribbon around the ankle. The texture is changed via chat command.

These boots are also available in pink, lavender and silver if you search the shop for Bow Boot.

I will also be discontinuing the Delilah sandal, the Kelly Sandal, and the Mysti Sandal.

The boots are only 35L apiece but bear in mind they do use invisiprims as they were made well before alpha layers became common.

To find the sandals simply search for the names in my shop to get all listings.

Texture changes on the Mysti sandals are also done with chat commands.

The sandals are 5L and 1L apiece and also use invisiprims.

Pink Label Cherry Plaid

Pink Label's Cherry Plaid outfit - includes the boots and every layer you could possibly think of to be able to mix and match all pieces - even the boots come in long and short options.  Mix and match with the rest of your inventory, L$99 for the lot!!!  Gorgeousness indeed - available at:
or direct on marketplace:

Skin: Belleza Chloe
Shape: Sophistishapes Lizzy
Hair: Lelutka Moss in Blonde Fun
Eyes: Fashism Sunrise Eyes in Azure
Jewelery: Baby Monkey 'Lexi' set
Pose: Magnifique Poses

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Pink Label is moving

Just a quick note to let you all know Pink Label is moving - literally, as we speak, Talena is shifting across - our apologies if there's a little downtime between the old store closing and the new one being available.

For the new store, come to:

Will let you know when everything's up and ready :)

Friday, November 11, 2011

Busy Busy!

So much to blog I just can't keep up with it!

I've got some new goodness for you all. New group gift heels in black. These use alpha layers so you must be using a compatible viewer such as v2, emerald, phoenix, etc. No invisiprims provided. Hud enabled, for red, green, blue direct input, metal changes on the little buckle and heart dangle. Plus there's a whole wall of other gifts available in the shop. Boots, outfits, shoes - it costs 100l to join and my group members can tell you I send gifts LOTS more than I put out on the wall.  Find the gifts and the group joiner to the right side of the store as you enter.

I also have a pair of these same pumps in Chocolate, specially priced for this weekend only at only 49L. You can also snag a pretty chocolate swirl dress to match the shoes for just 10L. This weekend only. an outfit carefully colormatched for less than 75L :)

This dress is very short under the prim skirt so I have also provided a pair of fishnet leggings to go with it, with or without layered lace panty. You also get the lace panty separately so you can wear it how you want to.

Other goings on at Pink Label
GFW Wednesday offer at Jersey Shore - 79L full outfit Shades of Gray Outfit

This outfit contains the sweater with cuff and midriff attachments, a pair of pinstriped black jeans, a pair of slouchy black ankle boots and a matching little choker and earrings. All for 79L

Pink Label at Jersey Shore -

'm also in the NeverWas - Is event at the Wash - I've created a pair of shoes which are FREE and a matching dress and gown for just 49L for the duration of the event. Available ONLY at The Wsh I also have a dollarbie outlet at the wash, look for it :)
The dress comes with two skirts as shown and also with the flexi wings shown. The shoes come in two versions with or without wing embellishments. These shoes do not have invisiprims so you need an alpha layer compatible viewer.

NeverWas Is event cart -

And finally, Pink Label is having a sale as I posted on my last post. Everything but new releases and fatpacks are on sale for 25L or less. Please look at the last post for pictures of some cute short sets I've put out for 15L each as well.  Pink Label Main Store -


- Skin all pictures - Belleza Chloe (various makeups) Pale
Shape all pictures - Belleza Chloe - modified
Makeup - all from Mock Cosmetics - you will love her makeups.
All clothing and shoes from Pink Label
Hair in Shades of Gray and Tattered Moonflower are both from Point B - in Nutella
Hair in Chocolate Swirls by Elikatira - Rumor
Poses by Luth and Glitterati I believe
Manicure by Adam n Eve
Eyes by Fashism
Lashes by Lelutka

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Semi sheer Wildflower tops, Tiny Denim Shorts and Matching Denim Sneakers

In five colors! You can purchase each full set which also includes the socks for 15l each or purchase clothing separates for 5l each and sneakers for 10l each!

Here's some pics!

Each outfit consists of pant, shirt and sock layers, plus modifiable prim cuffs for the socks and touch resize shoes. The shoes are v2 or equivalent only, meaning no invisiprims, just alpha layers. Clothing layers are copy only.

I have also hidden one complete outfit, the color below somewhere in the shop. You are looking for a small pink and gold bag of the same sort most of my items come in. It is 1l for the complete outfit.

Find the display for these outfits to the left of the entry when you walk in, past the steps.

Also, Pink Label is holding a 25l or less sale. All items, excluding shoe fatpacks are 25l or less. This includes dresses, shoes, sandals, boots and complete outfits. So make sure you take a look around if you come by.
Your limo -

Skin by Al Vulo
Makeup by Mock Cosmetics
Shape by Belleza (heavily modified)
Hair by Damselfly
Lashes by Lelutka
Eyes by Fashism
Manicure by Adam n Eve
Poses by Luth