Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pink Label Cart Sale items part 1

Have you heard about the Wash Cart Sale? Dozens and dozens of designers, each one with up to ten items priced at only 10 lindens each! Plus there may be dollarbies and even freebies to find if you look around the sim :)

Pink Label is participating in the Cart Sale with several mix and match items for ladies and for the first time ever, also some mix and match items for guys!

So here's the pics :) Hover or click 'em for a larger size view. For Gents -

The classic white button shirt comes on jacket and shirt with undershirt layer for comfy wearing and modifiable prim collar and cuffs.

The pinstripe jean is an experiment brought on by a discussion of attempting men's wear with a friend. They come on pant and underpant layer and include modifiable prim cuffs.

The Red Brown knitted sweater jacket comes on jacket and shirt layer with matching under layer for maximum wear and includes a modifiable hoodie and cuffs. The jacket looks great over a shirt or just over your bare skin :)

The men's brown canvas casual sneaker includes a tintable glitch sock, they  use alpha layer and touch resize for easy sizing.

I also made a matching tank for this set but it was one too many items on the Cart. Happily I have a dollarbie shop at the Wash and I placed the tank in the shop - it's just around the corner to the left of my Cart :)

apologies for my model falling asleep on the job there!

And for ladies, same applies - hover on the pics for a larger view :)

The blush linen scrunch tops are a double pack of dotted and striped variations. They come on shirt and jacket layer and include these super cute modifiable babydoll prims. Perfect for spring :)

I know that most folks make a short sexy little short but I thought I'd try a different look, these are a longer length "walk" or "shopping" type short accented with lace embroidered hems and stitched pockets. They look adorable with the tops. pant and underpant layers included.

A few weeks ago at Valentine's Day I gave my group members a special exclusive called Bellisa and so many people liked it that I made this variation for the Cart Sale called Marguerite. They are covered with a linen fabric to match the clothing items and accented with wood and linen daisies! The platform and heel are covered with color matched polished leather and perched on a wood sole. Includes a hud for nails, skin tone, easy rgb, walk sounds and metal changes for the tiny ankle buckle.Alpha layer only.

Here's also the olive versions of the above :)

Find all of these at the Pink Label cart :)

Why does the title say part 1? Because I'll be changing out these items soonish, don't worry though if they aren't on the cart any more, there will be more goodness and these items will be at the same tiny price at the Main Shop for the duration of the sale.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bloggers for Pink Label items

I'm looking for a few bloggers to add to the lists as people who would be interested in reviewing and/or featuring Pink Label items on their blogs. There are already a few other blogs besides our own that feature Pink Label items from time to time but I'm interested in expanding that list.

Those interested should be:
1) syndicated on one or more Second Life fashion oriented feed. The more the better.
2) be able to show me their blog url so I can add it to the Pink Label blog roll
3) be able to demonstrate a track record of regular posts, even if that's only once or twice a month
4) this one's optional but it'd be great if you also used flickr or picasa to show off your pictures.

Bloggers added to our rolls will pretty much receive all new releases as a matter of course. This often includes but is not limited to clothing, shoes, boots, jewelry, random decor and miscellaneous. If you've never tried Pink Label and are not sure if you'd be interested, feel free to ask for your choice of review copies.(again this only applies to Bloggers who meet the above criteria)

 If you or someone you know may be interested and meet the criteria, please feel free to contact - Talena Carissa via NOTECARD or EMAIL. I get most messages via email but occasionally one gets marked as spam, notecards usually are a little safer. If you want to use email you can contact me at talenacarissa(at)gmail(dot) com.

credits for fashionable girls in banner by http://myshinyboy.deviantart.com/

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Stacks of Mardi Gras goodness!!!

Talena's been busy creating a horde of gorgeousness, inspired by Mardi Gras - bright colours and lush textures combine in a lovely set of mix and match options - four off the shoulder tops, four strapless tops, four harlequin skirts & three pairs of jeans cover your needs just about anywhere you'd care to go.

All these luscious items are just L$10 each, available direct at the Pink Label store.

Pink Label

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Happy Mardi Gras!

Pink Label is helping you celebrate Mardi Gras with cute separates and glitter bead bedecked sandals!

We've placed out cute mardi gras mask appliqued scoop neck tops and matching mini skirts decorated in sequins. You can also get the tops or skirts without the mask. Top or skirt is only 10L each.

Traditional colors are available, yellow, purple, or green! (Poster is one color combo available)

We've also made the cutest little bead decorated shoes and you get two pair in every package!

Beads wrapped twice around the ankle of the sandal are fastened together with color change metal chains. The same glitter beads adorn the heel and the toe and you decide how sparkly you wanna go with a heel covered in beads or without!

Shoes come in yellow, purple, green and 2 variations of multi color.

Each pair of sandals is only 25L each! and we also have a special group only offer.

Wear your Pink Label vip tag and grab the group only version for only 15L (right click pay rather than buy to get them)

To help you find your party items quickly all Mardi Gras goodies are outside the shop at the landing point.

Pink Label Main Shop.

Don't forget there's a new group gift available in the main shop which you can read about here and there's still a hunt on at Lemania Indigo, with three pair of shoes up for grabs for 5l a pair. (see pics etc here) You just have to find them.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pink Label Exclusive Group Valentine Gift

On the 14th, I sent to the group this exclusive group gift - The Bellisa Red Foil Sandals.

These sandals have a 40's kind of vibe with a modern interpretation. Hud controls red green blue input, size, sounds, metal texture changes for the buckle and toenail polish color changes. One script, low lag scripting. Consider joining Pink Label for a one time fee of 50l and get this and many other gifts in the shop. Don't forget to check notices for many un-posted gifts as well.

Tonight and tomorrow are the LAST DAYS for the shiny tanks and jeans at the low price of 10l each and the Jennifer sandals at 25l each, prices will change on Saturday to 49l and 99l respectively, so grab 'em while you can :)

Pink Label

Monday, February 13, 2012

That's right! I've added 2 more pairs of shoes and matching handbags for all 3 pairs at the Black Hearts Hunt on the Lemania Indigo sim. I've split them up into hearts, five hearts for the first pair and bag and 4 hearts for the other two pair and bag. Buy each heart for 1l and win yourself 3 pair of cute hearts decorated shoes!

The two new gifts are Angel style shoes in Neapolitan hearts or strawberry hearts. These are both decorated with silver metals.

The previous gift was the Angel style shoe in Red hearts on black and I've added a 1e heart containing the matching bag.
Find these all at the Pink Label shop on the Lemania Indigo shopping sim. Make sure you look on the outside of the shop as well as on the inside :)

While you are at the shop, grab the weekend grab bag for 10l and matching shoes for 25l :)

All Dita style pumps are now discounted to 25l, you can find them in the discount shop, second floor at the main shop. There's also a 1l gift to grab at the main shop.
Pink Label

Sunday, February 12, 2012

4l or 5l gets you a new pair of shoes and a matching bag @ Pink Label

As part of our participation in the Black Hearts Hunt at Lemania Indigo, I've added 2 more pair of shoes AND a matching bag. They are split up in 4 hearts, or 5 hearts in the case of the first pair of shoes, which you can buy for 1l each when you find them. Put them together and you have a cute pair of hearts sprinkled shoes and a matching bag!

The two new pairs are the Angel style shoes as before, this time in either Neapolitan Hearts or Strawberry Hearts.   

Find the black hearts labeled 1a through 1e, 2a through 2d and 3a through 3d to end up with all three pairs and the matching bags. Buy them for 1l each!

As a reminder, all Pink Label shoes are alpha layer only, they do not use invisiprims. They are low lag, one script, hud controlled shoes, very tp friendly and with many options.

 Pink Label @ Lemania

While you are there looking for those little black hearts (don't forget to look outside of the shop as well as inside) - grab the Weekend Grab bag for 10L (see previous post) as well as the matching shoes for 25L.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Pink Label has a new 10l "Weekend Grab Bag" available!

Grab this cute package containing 2 heart sprinkled tube tops on jacket layer and a coordinating low rise flexi skirt for just 10l at the main shop!

Clothing layers are copy only, prims are mod/copy.

I've also placed out a pair of my Dita style leather prim foot pumps beside the easel displaying the grab bag set, in Blossom pink. Buy them for just 25l. Like all my shoes these are one script hud controlled, low lag and have texture change metals etc. :) All other colors of the Dita pumps are available in the Discount shop at the main store for 25L each :)

While you are at the shop, don't forget to grab the one thin linden cream outfit, including tank, jeans and shoes! This item will be out through valentine's but why wait:)

 Pink Label Main Shop

Just to remind you, Pink Label is also participating in the black hearts hunt at the Bizarre Behavior (Lemania Indigo) hunt. grab 4 black hearts for 1l each at the Pink Label shop on the sim and score yourself this pair of beautiful "Angel" style shoes :)

I have two more colors of these shoes coming soon that will be out to be hunted for, in strawberry pink hearts and neapolitan hearts with matching purses! So don't forget to check back.

Pink Label @ Lemania Indigo

To play catch up, my GFW offering was a patched leather skirt set in beige, including skirts in long or short lengths and a peasant top with a corset top that can be layered over the peasant top or worn separately. 99l for the whole set. :)

The tan leather boots are available separately for 55l, touch resize, silver detailing only.

Pink Label @ Jersey Shore

Monday, February 6, 2012

Pink Label has SO much newness!!!

Pink Label has SO much newness!!!
Please read to the end because there are three new free or almost free items for you to grab if you read where they are!

I've released some shiny leather cross back tanks and matching velvet jeans with of course patent shoes to match!

The tanks come on jacket and shirt and there are four color choices, red, pink, purple, black - perfect for Valentine wearing.

The jeans are color matched and are pant, underpant with prim cuffs. All clothing layers are copy only, all prims are mod/copy.
For mixing and matching, tanks and jeans and shoes are sold separately at a tiny introductory price. The tanks and jeans are 10l each for the next five days and the shoes are 25L for the next five days.
Like all my shoes, these pretty Jennifer heels styled just for valentines day do not come with invisiprims, they use alpha layer only! They are hud controlled and feature a satin bow on the toe, tiny diamond on the big toe nail, a metal heart that texture changes on the heel and a row of diamonds that texture change along the back. Low lag, one script performance that allows for resize, heel click and direct rgb input via chat. Press the help button for a helpful notecard on how to use the hud.
There are six colors of the shoes total, red, purple, pink, black, green and grey. 
all of these items are available at the new Main Shop.

While you are here, don't forget to join the group for 50L and snag the group gifts beside the stairs and in notices. Also check out the outlet store where nothing is over 25L across the lawn from the Main Shop.

Now for the free stuff!
Pink Label has placed a special gift out at the SHST headquarters. It consists of a Jennifer heel simplified in black and a jewelry set in black or cream, gold or silver. You can buy it for 0L at the headquarters. It's the big pink satin box to the left when you walk in. 
SHST HQ - Quality Freebies

I have placed a cream version of the shiny tank, velvet jeans and matching Jennifer heels at the Main shop for 1l. 

And I am participating in the Black Hearts Hunt at the Lemania sim. I have only had time to do one gift yet, but it is out and ready for you to find. I have broken it into 4 pieces. Find 4 black hearts for 1l each and score yourself a pretty pair of Angel heels in a red heart print on a dusty black ground with gold accents.

Don't forget my offerings for Black Market (75L red exclusive pump and 35L little outfits) and my offering for GFW which will expire Tuesday evening (hot pink ankle boots for 75l, 2 pair included, solid and print)
Pink Label