Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Discontinuing some items on Marketplace

I will be discontinuing some of the oldest items from Marketplace since they are now over a year old and I have better items now available.

These items include the Patent Bow boots

Here they are shown in black. These boots feature a texture change latex bow on the back with a matching latex ribbon around the ankle. The texture is changed via chat command.

These boots are also available in pink, lavender and silver if you search the shop for Bow Boot.

I will also be discontinuing the Delilah sandal, the Kelly Sandal, and the Mysti Sandal.

The boots are only 35L apiece but bear in mind they do use invisiprims as they were made well before alpha layers became common.

To find the sandals simply search for the names in my shop to get all listings.

Texture changes on the Mysti sandals are also done with chat commands.

The sandals are 5L and 1L apiece and also use invisiprims.

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