Using the Pink Label Hud

Images will be added later, however for the most part, - all Pink Label Huds work on the same general outline.

You have the coloring area with a palette of preset colors to the left to the right is the example shoe and a microphone image next to lettering and numbers representing the red green blue values that the skin is set to at that moment.

Depending on the shoe, you may also have nail polishes beneath the coloring area and then a selection of metals for the ankle buckle. There may also be crystal gem selections and metals for the heel.

To set your red green blue is usually the best way to go about matching your skin tone. If you don't know how to get your red green blue values for your skin tone, please read on.

Skin Tone:
  First it is important to set your lighting as you want your shoes to look correct in your choice of lighting. In world lighting affects prims differently than it affects avatar skin so it's usually a good idea to change your preferences so that sun and moon only is visible instead of nearby local lights. You can do that by going to preferences and changing that in your graphics settings.

Secondly, I recommend turning off other people's attached lights. This means that face lights etc worn by others cannot affect you. You can do that by opening your advanced menu by pressing control alt d and then going down the menu to debug settings. When the debug settings menu opens, type in renderattachedlights. And change this to false. This means also that your worn attached lights will not render either. However, windlight settings really make face lights etc obsolete.

While we are in the debug window, you also want to make sure that your level of detail (LOD) is set to at least 4 so that sculpties render properly. In the debug window, type rendervolumelod and change the number below to 4. You can't just type it in though, you have to use the buttons to change it to 4.

Another setting I like to use but is of course optional is to turn off glow. You can do that by typing in renderglow and changing the value to false.

Now, for a nice even bright light in Phoenix you can go to World > Environmental Settings > Windlight > CalWl.  You will be amazed how much brighter and prettier most everything looks, including you.

Now you are ready to find your red green blue values. It is possible to do this within the viewer but for me I find using that setting makes my snapshots turn my viewer transparent. So I use an external little program called colorpic. You can get the program here  -  it is a free program and very useful especially for builders. Open the program and click on a white palette square, then hover your mouse over your skin to get a color. Make sure the program is in the foreground otherwise the control g to grab a color will instead bring up the gesture menu in second life. I usually hover the mouse close to the ankle, right above the ankle strap so as to get the best match. The program will tell you the red green blue values for the color swatch.

In the Pink Label Hud, click the microphone. It will turn red and the hud will give you a message in local that you have 30 seconds to type in the values.

In the local tab, just type in the red green blue values as 201, 195, 186 as an example. The  foot and toes if applicable of your shoes will change to match these values.

This should be all you need to do to get a perfect skin match.

Bear in mind also that avatars are not all the same size, shape and so on. You may find that you need to move the shoe or boot up or down on your leg to get the best fit.