Wednesday, August 22, 2012

New Special Offers @ Lovely!

I'm finally getting the new store set up ... or at least started on it and in celebration I have 3 cute little dresses and matching shoes for a special price of 10L each!

Choose from Hot Pink, Bright Blue or Rich Purple. Each color comes on all layers and consists of a solid color bodice with a ruffled skirt. The ruffles have cutie pie skulls on them! 3 different patterns, one for each color.

Poster above has all information about the shoes, and if you've tried the Angel shoes I put out for the cart sale they are nearly the same aside from a change in texturing. The Diva versions use a studded leather as notated on the poster. :)

Please note that the shoe vendors are transparent in world and make sure you click on the shoe vendor and not on the display behind it :)

Both dresses and shoes are 10L for a limited time while I get the store and stock set up. And don't forget I have great items out for the Wash Cart Sale as well.

Click here for the new Main Store.

My cart is almost right outside so you can stop by there too!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

More Cute Stuff for the Cart Sale @ The Wash!

Pink Label has reopened as Lovely, we're using the old blog until we have time to set up the new one!

I've put together three cute short sets and matching sandals for today :)

All three pair of shoes are TEN LINDEN each.
They are made of suede and include a hud which controls everything about the shoes,
3 ankle ribbon changes, 4 metal changes, 54 pedicures, direct rgb input for skins, resize and sounds.
Metal choices include, iron, copper, silver and gold. Ribbon choices include color matched, white, or print to match the short sets.

Short sets include a tank top made of print and solid fabric accented with white lace and ribbons. The shorts are color matched to the tops, accented with white stitching. All layers are included. Copy only.

All Lovely shoes attach to the foot not the lower leg unless otherwise noted. We use an ankle lock script to make the shoes fit properly without using up a lower leg attachment point. Each shoe uses 1 script, and then the hud uses one more for a total of 3 scripts if the shoes and hud are worn at the same time allowing for very low lag.

Find these items at 10l each at my The Wash Cart

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Pink Label has rebranded and is reopening!

As Lovely Designs!

Until I can get a new blog set up and going, I'll be using this one for the new releases. Lovely Designs new store is in the process of opening on the Wash sim and of course we're in the Cart Sale that starts today!

Our first releases together make up a full outfit for you ladies to enjoy :)

Start with a beautiful green floral printed low rise mesh skirt in five sizes. The skirt also comes with the pictured capri pants for wearing alone or under the skirt for those times when you need a little something under there! The skirt is just 10L for the duration of the cart sale.

The skirt is paired with a shortie ribbed knit tank adorned with metallic and gold threaded hearts on front and back. It comes in all upper layers, shirt, jacket, and under shirt. The tank is also 10l for the duration of the sale.

Finally I made a matching pair of flat ballet slippers to go with this set.
The slippers are touch resize and are only one linden! When you buy the slippers, you also get the mesh skirt demo, which lets YOU get the demo and a cute pair of shoes and me save prims on my cart :)  Hope you all enjoy the items, I sure had fun making them.

Skin - Cassiopia by Glam Affair in Jamaica
Hair - Olivia by Catwa in Chestnut Roots
Poses - My stand has a ton of poses in it, these are probably either Diesel Works or Purple Poses or some of each :)
Makeup Layers by Chelle and Mock Cosmetics
Lashes - Beetlebones Mesh lashes
Eyes - Ikon Light Glass eyes

Monday, April 2, 2012

Sexy Spring Full Outfits On MP!

I've made two sexy shimmering outfits for Spring time. These are full outfits. Items are all copy, prim skirt and collar and the tintable white lace stocking that's included are mod/copy and the boots that are in the outfit are touch resize. There are three sizes of alpha layers for the knee length boot so whatever your leg length, it should fit perfectly. So lets get on with the details and the pics. Each of these outfits begins with a sexy little body suit style base with a deep plunge on the front and back. I've filled the plunge with a little lace netting and an applique of a butterfly, all color matched. You can wear the body suit by itself or you can throw on the triple layer ruffle flexi skirt and I've also included a soft wrap collar for a super finished look.

The fabric has a soft shiny icy sparkle to it in either pink or blue, hence the reference to Glace' which is an icy glossy glassy treat.

The outfit comes on shirt, jacket, pant and underpant layers (plus the socks as I mentioned before). There are also THREE variations on the boots, again covered with color matched and shaded fabric and accented with a bright white sequin on the straps.  You will receive the knee boot, the ankle boot as shown, plus an EXTRA variation on the knee boot with a sequin spiral detail on the heel.

Boots are touch resize for perfect fitting.

Here's the pics.

Hair on the blue version is by Ploom, all other credits are below and are the same on the pink version.

Each full set is 99L. Pink or Blue Links open in a new window on the Marketplace. Please note I'm reorganizing my marketplace shop so right now there's not much there other than the two new outfits :)


Hair in the pink ad is from Elikatira
Skin in both ads is by Lara Hurley
Hairbase by Truth
Eyes by Ikon
Makeup Layers (lashes and liner) by Mock Cosmetics
Shape by Body Doubles Modified
Nail Polish Gloves by Adam n Eve
Poses by Luth

Thanks for Looking!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Final Countdown Sale @ Pink Label

After 2 years in business, Pink Label is closing its in world store (excluding a small group shop and participation in the Wear Gray event upcoming). Right now you can score a complete outfit for as low as 10L, shoes for 10l, 25l, boots for 25l to 49L and clothing from 1l to 49L. Take advantage of this sale while you can because after the sale, most of these items will not be available, even on marketplace.

Page through the blog here to see some of the items on sale, make sure you check out both the Main shop on the right and the discount shop on the left of the landing point. Thanks for everything!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Noir and Shine Sampler Pack! 69L

Pink Label has a beautiful sampler pack of three different gorgeous heels available for 69L @ Jersey Shore!

Each of the three pair of shoes is black with a metal sole or heel. Metals texture change to any one of six metal tones at a click via the included hud. But each one is very different :)

Please click or hover on the pic to get a larger view.

The Angel style is made in a glittering black fabric with a ribbon ankle band and metal texture change accessories.

The Bellisa is made in a metallic black "foil" with silver accessories and silver roses on the toe perched on a polished metal change sole and heel.

And finally a first for Pink Label a "normal" platform pump without a prim foot, the Joy 2. Glittering black fabric upper on a stacked metal change sole and rippled heel. A pearl medallion jewel on the toe brings the gleam. Swirl accessories are hide/show via the included metal change hud.

All three pairs include a low lag one script hud that controls the metal changes plus nail polishes, red green blue direct input, resize etc as appropriate. All three pair use alpha layers no invisiprims. There are also demos available at the shop, buy the demo pack for 0l which includes demos for all three pairs and a reduced version of the hud for you to try them out.

And that's not all! As a bonus you also receive two mix and match dresses.

Get this cutie pie white sequin dress in the package. It comes on shirt and under layer with this triple ruffle skirt. The top without the skirt and worn on the under layer allows it to tuck under other skirts or pants. Shown here with the Joy 2 pump included in the package.

You also receive this silver white sequin corset and black satin swishy skirt. The skirt comes on pant layer with the prim skirt and corset comes on Jacket layer for possible layering. The skirt also looks great with the dress above without the sequin prim skirt. Shown here with the Angel sandals included in the pack.

Look for this sign @ my Jersey Shore shop. I believe that Jersey Shore has a landing point. Take the tp, look for the Pink Label logo near the bottom of the tp board OR follow the beacon to my shop :)

Don't forget also that the Cart Sale is still going on. See my previous post for pics of my items for ladies and gentleman for 10l each.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pink Label Cart Sale items part 1

Have you heard about the Wash Cart Sale? Dozens and dozens of designers, each one with up to ten items priced at only 10 lindens each! Plus there may be dollarbies and even freebies to find if you look around the sim :)

Pink Label is participating in the Cart Sale with several mix and match items for ladies and for the first time ever, also some mix and match items for guys!

So here's the pics :) Hover or click 'em for a larger size view. For Gents -

The classic white button shirt comes on jacket and shirt with undershirt layer for comfy wearing and modifiable prim collar and cuffs.

The pinstripe jean is an experiment brought on by a discussion of attempting men's wear with a friend. They come on pant and underpant layer and include modifiable prim cuffs.

The Red Brown knitted sweater jacket comes on jacket and shirt layer with matching under layer for maximum wear and includes a modifiable hoodie and cuffs. The jacket looks great over a shirt or just over your bare skin :)

The men's brown canvas casual sneaker includes a tintable glitch sock, they  use alpha layer and touch resize for easy sizing.

I also made a matching tank for this set but it was one too many items on the Cart. Happily I have a dollarbie shop at the Wash and I placed the tank in the shop - it's just around the corner to the left of my Cart :)

apologies for my model falling asleep on the job there!

And for ladies, same applies - hover on the pics for a larger view :)

The blush linen scrunch tops are a double pack of dotted and striped variations. They come on shirt and jacket layer and include these super cute modifiable babydoll prims. Perfect for spring :)

I know that most folks make a short sexy little short but I thought I'd try a different look, these are a longer length "walk" or "shopping" type short accented with lace embroidered hems and stitched pockets. They look adorable with the tops. pant and underpant layers included.

A few weeks ago at Valentine's Day I gave my group members a special exclusive called Bellisa and so many people liked it that I made this variation for the Cart Sale called Marguerite. They are covered with a linen fabric to match the clothing items and accented with wood and linen daisies! The platform and heel are covered with color matched polished leather and perched on a wood sole. Includes a hud for nails, skin tone, easy rgb, walk sounds and metal changes for the tiny ankle buckle.Alpha layer only.

Here's also the olive versions of the above :)

Find all of these at the Pink Label cart :)

Why does the title say part 1? Because I'll be changing out these items soonish, don't worry though if they aren't on the cart any more, there will be more goodness and these items will be at the same tiny price at the Main Shop for the duration of the sale.