Saturday, October 8, 2011

Halloween - Boots and Separates - Orange, Purple Green

I have some fun Halloween treats to put on the blog today. I'll begin with these great patent and sequin boots. These are special editions of the Sheena range in Orange, Purple or Green for Halloween. Each pair has actually two pair of boots. One is the full boot and the other is the optional foot only version. Wear the included sequin cuffs and you have an ankle boot. you can also wear the foot only part with jeans as shown in pictures below.

These are v2 only meaning V2 or compatible, so Firestorm, Emerald, Phoenix, Cool Viewer all allow for wearing these boots. You have two alpha masks or alpha layers included, one to wear with just the foot only and one to wear with the full boot.

Like all my items, these boots attach to the foot not the leg and use a simple scripted ankle lock to hold the boot in proper position. They are also scripted for touch resize.

Here's the pics!

I also made the first of several planned sets of separates to be released between now and Halloween.

This first set is in bright orange, jeans or sexy tees. There are two versions of both, plain or with super cute witch appliques. On the jeans, the applique is on the thigh and on the back pocket. On the tee its on the front below the breast area. Pick which ones you want to mix and match.

Jeans include pant and underpant layer with prim cuffs. Tees come with jacket, shirt and underpant layers. Prim cuffs are mod, all other pieces are copy only.

Boots were originally offered as group gifts to various groups I am a member of. They are now being sold for 1l each for a limited time so grab 'em while you can.

Separates are available for 5L each through Halloween :)

All clothing and boots are by Pink Label
Skin is by Filthy - Jasmine
Makeup is by Mock Cosmetics - group gift
Hair is by Truth - Nadine
Poses used are from Fri.Day and Doll

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