Saturday, March 3, 2012

Noir and Shine Sampler Pack! 69L

Pink Label has a beautiful sampler pack of three different gorgeous heels available for 69L @ Jersey Shore!

Each of the three pair of shoes is black with a metal sole or heel. Metals texture change to any one of six metal tones at a click via the included hud. But each one is very different :)

Please click or hover on the pic to get a larger view.

The Angel style is made in a glittering black fabric with a ribbon ankle band and metal texture change accessories.

The Bellisa is made in a metallic black "foil" with silver accessories and silver roses on the toe perched on a polished metal change sole and heel.

And finally a first for Pink Label a "normal" platform pump without a prim foot, the Joy 2. Glittering black fabric upper on a stacked metal change sole and rippled heel. A pearl medallion jewel on the toe brings the gleam. Swirl accessories are hide/show via the included metal change hud.

All three pairs include a low lag one script hud that controls the metal changes plus nail polishes, red green blue direct input, resize etc as appropriate. All three pair use alpha layers no invisiprims. There are also demos available at the shop, buy the demo pack for 0l which includes demos for all three pairs and a reduced version of the hud for you to try them out.

And that's not all! As a bonus you also receive two mix and match dresses.

Get this cutie pie white sequin dress in the package. It comes on shirt and under layer with this triple ruffle skirt. The top without the skirt and worn on the under layer allows it to tuck under other skirts or pants. Shown here with the Joy 2 pump included in the package.

You also receive this silver white sequin corset and black satin swishy skirt. The skirt comes on pant layer with the prim skirt and corset comes on Jacket layer for possible layering. The skirt also looks great with the dress above without the sequin prim skirt. Shown here with the Angel sandals included in the pack.

Look for this sign @ my Jersey Shore shop. I believe that Jersey Shore has a landing point. Take the tp, look for the Pink Label logo near the bottom of the tp board OR follow the beacon to my shop :)

Don't forget also that the Cart Sale is still going on. See my previous post for pics of my items for ladies and gentleman for 10l each.

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