Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pink Label Cart Sale items part 1

Have you heard about the Wash Cart Sale? Dozens and dozens of designers, each one with up to ten items priced at only 10 lindens each! Plus there may be dollarbies and even freebies to find if you look around the sim :)

Pink Label is participating in the Cart Sale with several mix and match items for ladies and for the first time ever, also some mix and match items for guys!

So here's the pics :) Hover or click 'em for a larger size view. For Gents -

The classic white button shirt comes on jacket and shirt with undershirt layer for comfy wearing and modifiable prim collar and cuffs.

The pinstripe jean is an experiment brought on by a discussion of attempting men's wear with a friend. They come on pant and underpant layer and include modifiable prim cuffs.

The Red Brown knitted sweater jacket comes on jacket and shirt layer with matching under layer for maximum wear and includes a modifiable hoodie and cuffs. The jacket looks great over a shirt or just over your bare skin :)

The men's brown canvas casual sneaker includes a tintable glitch sock, they  use alpha layer and touch resize for easy sizing.

I also made a matching tank for this set but it was one too many items on the Cart. Happily I have a dollarbie shop at the Wash and I placed the tank in the shop - it's just around the corner to the left of my Cart :)

apologies for my model falling asleep on the job there!

And for ladies, same applies - hover on the pics for a larger view :)

The blush linen scrunch tops are a double pack of dotted and striped variations. They come on shirt and jacket layer and include these super cute modifiable babydoll prims. Perfect for spring :)

I know that most folks make a short sexy little short but I thought I'd try a different look, these are a longer length "walk" or "shopping" type short accented with lace embroidered hems and stitched pockets. They look adorable with the tops. pant and underpant layers included.

A few weeks ago at Valentine's Day I gave my group members a special exclusive called Bellisa and so many people liked it that I made this variation for the Cart Sale called Marguerite. They are covered with a linen fabric to match the clothing items and accented with wood and linen daisies! The platform and heel are covered with color matched polished leather and perched on a wood sole. Includes a hud for nails, skin tone, easy rgb, walk sounds and metal changes for the tiny ankle buckle.Alpha layer only.

Here's also the olive versions of the above :)

Find all of these at the Pink Label cart :)

Why does the title say part 1? Because I'll be changing out these items soonish, don't worry though if they aren't on the cart any more, there will be more goodness and these items will be at the same tiny price at the Main Shop for the duration of the sale.

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