Saturday, August 18, 2012

More Cute Stuff for the Cart Sale @ The Wash!

Pink Label has reopened as Lovely, we're using the old blog until we have time to set up the new one!

I've put together three cute short sets and matching sandals for today :)

All three pair of shoes are TEN LINDEN each.
They are made of suede and include a hud which controls everything about the shoes,
3 ankle ribbon changes, 4 metal changes, 54 pedicures, direct rgb input for skins, resize and sounds.
Metal choices include, iron, copper, silver and gold. Ribbon choices include color matched, white, or print to match the short sets.

Short sets include a tank top made of print and solid fabric accented with white lace and ribbons. The shorts are color matched to the tops, accented with white stitching. All layers are included. Copy only.

All Lovely shoes attach to the foot not the lower leg unless otherwise noted. We use an ankle lock script to make the shoes fit properly without using up a lower leg attachment point. Each shoe uses 1 script, and then the hud uses one more for a total of 3 scripts if the shoes and hud are worn at the same time allowing for very low lag.

Find these items at 10l each at my The Wash Cart

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