Wednesday, August 22, 2012

New Special Offers @ Lovely!

I'm finally getting the new store set up ... or at least started on it and in celebration I have 3 cute little dresses and matching shoes for a special price of 10L each!

Choose from Hot Pink, Bright Blue or Rich Purple. Each color comes on all layers and consists of a solid color bodice with a ruffled skirt. The ruffles have cutie pie skulls on them! 3 different patterns, one for each color.

Poster above has all information about the shoes, and if you've tried the Angel shoes I put out for the cart sale they are nearly the same aside from a change in texturing. The Diva versions use a studded leather as notated on the poster. :)

Please note that the shoe vendors are transparent in world and make sure you click on the shoe vendor and not on the display behind it :)

Both dresses and shoes are 10L for a limited time while I get the store and stock set up. And don't forget I have great items out for the Wash Cart Sale as well.

Click here for the new Main Store.

My cart is almost right outside so you can stop by there too!

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