Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pink Label Exclusive Group Valentine Gift

On the 14th, I sent to the group this exclusive group gift - The Bellisa Red Foil Sandals.

These sandals have a 40's kind of vibe with a modern interpretation. Hud controls red green blue input, size, sounds, metal texture changes for the buckle and toenail polish color changes. One script, low lag scripting. Consider joining Pink Label for a one time fee of 50l and get this and many other gifts in the shop. Don't forget to check notices for many un-posted gifts as well.

Tonight and tomorrow are the LAST DAYS for the shiny tanks and jeans at the low price of 10l each and the Jennifer sandals at 25l each, prices will change on Saturday to 49l and 99l respectively, so grab 'em while you can :)

Pink Label

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