Sunday, February 12, 2012

4l or 5l gets you a new pair of shoes and a matching bag @ Pink Label

As part of our participation in the Black Hearts Hunt at Lemania Indigo, I've added 2 more pair of shoes AND a matching bag. They are split up in 4 hearts, or 5 hearts in the case of the first pair of shoes, which you can buy for 1l each when you find them. Put them together and you have a cute pair of hearts sprinkled shoes and a matching bag!

The two new pairs are the Angel style shoes as before, this time in either Neapolitan Hearts or Strawberry Hearts.   

Find the black hearts labeled 1a through 1e, 2a through 2d and 3a through 3d to end up with all three pairs and the matching bags. Buy them for 1l each!

As a reminder, all Pink Label shoes are alpha layer only, they do not use invisiprims. They are low lag, one script, hud controlled shoes, very tp friendly and with many options.

 Pink Label @ Lemania

While you are there looking for those little black hearts (don't forget to look outside of the shop as well as inside) - grab the Weekend Grab bag for 10L (see previous post) as well as the matching shoes for 25L.

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