Monday, February 6, 2012

Satin & Lace Mini with Gorgeous Shoes

These special releases were released to celebrate the New Year - they look hot all year round though. :)

Let's start with the Black Satin and Lace Mini Dress. You have 3 skirt choices with this dress so pick your favorite - just don't ask me to choose, I love all three. :)

A pretty dress always needs new shoes and I've made 3 pair for your dressing up pleasure. All are made of crushed metallic lame' with 7 metal change choices for the buckle and bow details. 

Each pair is available only for a limited time. Bear in mind that these shoes do not come with invisiprims so you need to be using a viewer which supports alpha layers - emerald, viewer 2/3, phoenix, firestorm, etc. 

Come by the shop to grab these goodies, look for them in the left hand room as you enter the shop. 

Pink Label

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